About dogs in Spain

The have one or the other may already missed it: We travel not only in pairs, but have a small dog named Snoop Dogg with it. Snoop we have before ca. 3 adopted years ago about an animal welfare organization (Tiernothilfe Do not forget me E.V.), which campaigns for Spanish street dogs. A mission of our trip is to visit a Perrera - if we really trust us – and a shelter in Spain.

As Hinder other information: In Spain, the dog is still seen in many people as pure livestock for hunting, the catching mice and rats or for dog racing. Often the dogs are picked from a litter, the other or for one thing “potential” demonstrate. The rest ends up on the street, in a "Perrera" or is killed directly - which sometimes does not work and dogs with slit throats or maimed by animal rights activists are collected.

But the surviving dogs, coming into a family, are often not kept particularly dog ​​friendly. It is quite common, keep dogs on the balcony, others never get beyond the range of motion of their short chain, sometimes even deep scars left in the neck of the dog, because this is not enlarged the growing canine. The dogs often have a different status in Spain, than in Germany, No family members, but will be taken out quickly. The puppy has become too big, the puppy pees in the apartment, you go on vacation, it moves. There are countless dogs, found alone in abandoned homes or on abandoned farms. It happens in Germany every now and then, in Spain this behavior, however, is so widespread, that it was declared a national matter, collect stray dogs and to bring in so-called perreras. These are not really “animal Shelters”. You are, for example, on waste places, so you can also dispose of his dog beside his waste. Depending Perrera the dogs after 72 killed hours or as soon as all the cages are full. So the dog has only a small chance, to be adopted. Until then, the officials only rudimentary care for the animals, of feed is often saved. They are then euthanized with gas or a syringe, to bursts for the next streets- and make family pets, , the captured and released. For this reason, perreras of the German animal welfare organizations are often rightly “killing stations” called. Before killing the animals take place, have animal welfare organizations and individuals the opportunity, to give or receive incarcerated dogs.

The officials do their job. That they hate this part, appears in a letter, written by such officials of the Spanish population (whether it is genuine, I can not check.) You can the letter e.g.. on the website of Pfötchenfreunde Weisweil read.

He describes, think that many owners, their dog is so sweet and well behaved, that it is adopted guarantees. but he himself knows, that the dog has no chance, for instance when he is too big - big dogs are rarely adopted. Even black dogs are almost never adopted. If he's a dog list, he has no chance. List dogs are housed in part in an extra area, these animals are not mediated, but in any case killed. There are so many animals delivered and collected, that every dog ​​has only a very small chance of survival.

Of course, the aid agencies must then decide, let what dogs give up. You save but also repeatedly Dogs, who caught it particularly bad, are so badly injured or disabled. Then enter one of the truly poor Shelters. From time to time you will find foster homes in Spain or Germany, receiving the animals and provide further.

If a dog is lucky, of "our" animal welfare organization (We are not official members) to be mediated, then his life is saved, because the organization assumes responsibility: If a dog can not stay in his new family for some reason, then he goes back to the organization, the other care- or terminal finds. Of course, accumulated so over time a lot of responsibility for this small organization, because now new dogs every month gives. The probability is higher, that foster homes are needed. So who can imagine, take a dog for a while, is found to a new home, here is highly sought after! Get in touch!

And what great dogs that are. Nevertheless, this Animals have been abandoned or have some bad experiences - even the abused animals are often incredibly affectionate, people facing, kid-friendly, cats friendly and pleasant roommate.

Now to our dog: So we adopted three years ago Snoop Dogg, who was probably exposed as puppies on the street. What he experienced there, we do not know. But shows his timid character, that it can in those formative months not have been nice for him - either he has had bad experiences or he was so isolated, that he has come to know nothing. many scents, Sounds, Cycles, old people, children, People with a different skin color or other clothing, Bags and so on: All chasing him for the three years still a great fear, and it is unpleasant or impossible, to run with it by a pedestrian or a city park. Such fear dogs there are also, but are not the rule, even if doing this believe.

We are still so glad, that we got exactly it, because if we are at home "in safety", He is an absolutely funny, incredibly dear, fun-loving and verkuschelter dog. He's not the brightest, we suspect malnutrition as puppies and a somewhat underdeveloped brain, he has but the basic education it. And if he once caught a man confidence, he loves him fully. In recent years, he was almost always behaves with at Jere office and perfectly. The staff look forward, that someone so enthusiastic receives, most customers are delighted and if it stinks in the meeting room after Pupse, you can always say, that it was the dog 😉 The parcel delivery person was also barked at and some dogs had hair on the back of their necks. But he seems incredibly educated, when a large arc around other makes of himself or herself joined our side.

So we are glad, to have taken this step and hope, that we with our reports from the shelter and the Perrera (if we dare), written in the coming days, can direct some attention to the situation. Perhaps chooses - even if it is only one person - someone to, to give such a dog a few more good years. Adopt – don’t shop! So according to the motto: Do not buy bred dogs, but rather a, otherwise experienced of a sad end.

In keeping with the post's also our Video donations, we collected for the shelter in Malagon and today, on Monday evening, will issue there.