What do I do, is indy! – One can be individually Vanlifer?

We want to be different, as the others, extra creative, do something completely different, other, us stand out - its Hipster. And yet we are to copies quickly. Why is that?

We plan the trip already for 2-3 years, concrete was, as we in the spring 2017 went in search of a van. At that time, was still open, whether we 2018 drive or 2019. 2018 we would still have been a little pioneer, but if we shocked some, last year, then: Feels ALL buy just a Van, build it and drive through Europe. Movies such as "wide" and "Expedition Happiness' have once again fueled the dropout trend last year. Even in the parent generation all buy now suddenly felt a camper - and if parents make, is actually the coolness point exceeded! Instagram is overflowing with #vanlife-pictures. We all have similar logos and mostly "What media" studies, are at a point in our lives, where we want to get off, learn something else, but as, as it has never done anyone.

The album release concert of our favorite band Quiet Lane (advertising) it brought a song by the support opening act Morphil for us right to the point. The singer with his smoky voice sings since in our minds again and again the song «a band»:

"What am I doing, is indy, not individually.
Maybe a little Indypendent, but zero originality. "

We might make a good deal even, can drive us sometimes and are targeting haphazardly, but ultimately we do but all the same. As media professionals, with the success of our New Zealand Blogs in the back, we have established standards for ourselves, wollen Aufmerksamkeit generieren und Follower – damals wollten wir noch Leser 😉 Wir haben sogar richtig rational in einem «Meeting» «gebrainstormt» was wir anders machen können, other, what could be our "USP", our uniqueness, our individuality. Do you know, what came out as? "We could let them decide the Followers, where we're going and there then turn interesting interviews ». We had the idea then discarded, because we wanted to save us, where we want to go and if we ever make media work. He has! Quite original .... Just as a German blog, we then found six months later: "We have terminated our jobs, drive through Spain and Portugal, and you are allowed to determine, where it goes. "

So we had no plan, how we can be individually and what do you do there? Once you have obtained only once the equipment. Once you get has the hardware, kommen die Ideen von ganz alleine 😉 Jere kaufte sich ein «Wie baue ich ein Drohne»-Buch und erklärte das zum neuen Hobby, we wanted a gimbal (as a part, like a selfie stick, only for films, of just holding the camera and compensates for variations - it`s magic!) and a good microphone for Christmas and bought tons of accessories. So much for: Our goal is, to reduce us, do with less, to consume less - that we treat perhaps in another article.

When we in the summer 2018 were in Norway on a beautiful fjord, kam ein Social-Media-Instagram-Travaler-Van vorbei – zu erkennen an den Instagram-Aufklebern 😀 (like us - What do I do, is indy…) Before they left the next day, they turned only once with their loud booming drone, the driving off ... That was the point, where we did not want any more threats - what I do indy ...

Whoever expected, that the solution of personalization Litäts problems in the article here still called: I might write the same at the beginning… uh no, we are still not individually. I try to write closer to the solution with this post, perhaps comes indeed a eureka moment. So stay quiet for more on the blog and read on, dann steigen wir vielleicht bei Google im Ranking 😉

I hear again in the song and actually it brings Morphil in his lines for all social media influencers to the point:

«have my clips on Youtube 50.000 Clicks.
Thanks to social media, there are now safe Hits.
Stick to Scheme F, it will not rumprobiert.
No, “was” is not important, the main thing is that it works properly.»

so one Option would, easy to look, get what contributions well and to produce similar things. So it restores the drone?

"Did you swore infidelity, 'd go about your own body. "

We could, but feels stupid to - more like work. The chance would be high, so that we come across the magic. When we 15.000-40.000 Follower (details vary) to get, the journey at least for the most part would be financed. I get on Instagram already advertising for a book: How will I travel influencers .... Oh Gott, it does have a money order, to coach, as others make money with travel!

But what is the alternative draft, the individualized path? Where is he? All so trampled here! And now he comes! The moment! The secret is revealed: We will do it, what we like and feel our way forward. Probably someone made or that issue dealt with in a blog post this photo already. I write, what I want, when I want it. He has! I'm totally drunk from power! No matter, I keep my eyes open, when I feel like, I take a picture or video and write about something, I want to hold for me or other. In the infinite universe there is nothing, that does not exist - all that is already! So what makes me continue? Brings the Followers? No idea. Maybe we travel by shorter, because the money runs faster. but we make more the, what fun we.

And if we see again, like someone dressed up his van with wooden cabinets, attaches his fairy lights and a Wandutensilo on the passenger seat depends, Then we sing together: "What am I doing indy, not individual. "