What do you want to do? Quit job? Pack stuff? Set off?

He has, so slow I come back to my old writing mania (see the longest article by ganzrechtsunten.de), but no fear, it is not yet a full evening program.

In the last six months, was much more concrete than anything, started talks, the conversations with the other - in other words: The greatest challenge before the trip. After a short while I noticed, that most of the discussions could be divided into three categories:

«Wow, I've always wanted to do that!»

These are usually my favorite conversations and the most interesting: What reasons there are, not to go on a trip like that? It was interesting for me, always to re-drill a bit: Why do not you do it? Because these words, I noticed that pretty quickly, were completely independent of life situation, Age or gender.

A girlfriend, who had saved up enough money, was actually between two jobs and could find a new one at any time, had no big family ties and no partners, also didn't feel free enough, such as paying homeowners or parents with schoolchildren.

Maybe it's very exciting, whom we have met on our previous trips so far: There were Fabi and Olga, right after and during your studies, on a very small budget, that we only met with her 4-year-old daughter in New Zealand with an old car and a tent. Fini later went to a kindergarten in Australia and to a school in Scotland.

Or two young women, Heike and Tine, we met in Norway last year: They almost gave birth to their child on the trip, with a midwife visit in the van. They also traveled in a T3, same color as ours with pop-up roof and a big dog around. (Where on earth they stowed all the things, remains completely obscure. I believe, we still have too much luggage…) The two actually work in Berlin, but have been given time out and parental leave. Two months ago they wrote to us - back in Berlin - that they would emigrate in summer and become donkey breeders in France. As I write here, we are very close to the place, to which they move in summer.

Many conversations of this type included the words: «Yes it definitely does, while you still can. » We already knew the sentence from our first trip 9 years, at that time we were the classic vacation semester travelers. Apparently we are 9 Years later still just about to the point, which is no longer possible. We have reasons too, who speak against it: very good jobs, my freelance got off to a really good start last year, maybe you should start thinking about retirement planning and careers, make the big jumps in salary, queuing in the 30s or buying a house - at least an apartment.

When we look at our friends, we could actually get a little panicky - because while they pay off their first apartment and have children, we are unemployed and homeless and squander our savings. So the uncomfortable part of such conversations is, when you find yourself in it and hear many reasons, why you shouldn't do it after all.

"In the south of France, they will stun you with gas and rob you."

To all, who haven't read our New Zealand blog: I'm totally afraid and see the bad rather than the good in people ... (Challenge for the trip: See the good in people, Reduce fears). The great “German fear” is known worldwide and I personally believe so, that many "virtues" of the "Germans" were born from this fear. When everything is neat and tidy, it is clearer and supposedly more predictable. Also that «I always wanted to do that, but now it is not possible »comes from this attitude, I think. And it also hits a very sensitive nerve with me, sounds the fear side and does not let me sleep in the van at night:

My first camping trip with Jere was in Ireland with a tent and backpack. I read before, that Dublin was just shot at a tent in the park like that ... that led to the whole trip leading to nighttime anxiety attacks.

The gas attacks in southern France: If you do a little research, then all of this is probably not true, there is no confirmed case. The gas would be too expensive (the crowd very large), the introduction into the van too loud.

Another very constructive story was: Someone, who knew someone, told, that someone else's head was shot in Spain, when he looked out of the van window after knocking ... that's the people too, the pregnant women tell horror stories of births and disabled children. My favorite sentence is "take care". So when something happens, haben wir einfach nicht genug auf uns aufgepasst 😉 Noch lache ich – wie gesagt, things like that scare me, that's why I hate having this kind of conversation. I don't exempt myself from that either, I always like to point out dangers and tell such stories. Maybe it helps you more yourself, than that, to be given the advice?!

'Ah yes, I have that / already made a friend. Where do you want to go?? You absolutely have to go there and there!»

… »What I do is indy, not individual » (I will write an extra contribution to our travel preparation song). So in such conversations it can develop in two directions: Infinite travel tips (that I can never remember and probably never will), the actually, if we take them all into account, would completely plan our trip and somehow not match our self-discovery. However, we have already noticed some unique secret tips and discovered wonderful hot springs in New Zealand, for example, off the tourist trails.

Or it goes in another more personal direction, which is more interesting: Descriptions of experiences and feelings, how long it took, until the recovery started, what were the ups and downs etc.

That’s why I’m actually targeting this blog, not so much to slide towards a guide, but let you hear a little bit more inside of us. More so on the emotional level, not so rational - although the requests on Instagram have so far been very rational («Where did you get the whitewall tires from?»« Is that the legendary SCA400 roof?») – 63% männliche Follower sag ich da nur 😉

In any case, we never had any issues with outgoing discussions, since our trip took on more concrete forms. Some have surely been surprised, why I became more and more reserved, über die Pläne zu sprechen… ich wollte vor allem «In Portugal haben sie einem das Bein abgesägt und als Stoßstange ans Auto gehängt»-Storys vermeiden 😉 Aber vor allem wollte ich meine aufkommende «German Angst» nicht füttern und mir das ganze nicht ausreden, before it started. My motto for the trip: Always bring myself out of the comfort zone, in which I have dealt with many plans in recent years, Routine and supposed security made comfortable. More in life here and now. (To line up a few clichés ;)… «What i do is indy, not individually… » – more on that next time.)