What the Van? – The right type of vehicle for our trip

If you decide to, to travel with a Van, is of course at the very beginning of the planning, the question of the right vehicle. The options are many, from a simple combination of a pickup truck to a fully equipped motorhome with shower and water-flushed toilet. The decision for one of the options is not only a financial ideally, but should – if one does not have to go super low budget / will – miteinschließen other considerations. How many must belongings / I want to have it? What comfort I need to feel good? I travel on the road a lot in cities or I'm more in the nature? Can I also times in the bush or on the highway toilet? Last but not least: How much should the camper consume a maximum of, so I can arrange it with my ecological conscience and my wallet?

Also with us, these considerations were in the room and in this article we will report our experience and explain the reasons for our final decision. Maybe it help even one or the other in planning its own individual tour.

How big needs for supplies be because?

On past trips we have been allowed to enjoy all kinds of vehicle types lucky. That was our decision for a vehicle size for our side track out naturally very good. It was all with it, from minis and camp for the night on the narrow minibus up to 10m motor home. Each vehicle class here had its pros- and disadvantages. Here is a little subjective and incomplete overview.

small car, Limousine, small SUV

In this “Vehicle segment” We have several trips behind us, z.B. with a Seat Mii threes by Northern Ireland (Airbnb), with a Ford Fiesta through Scotland (tent) or a Chevy Equinox through Florida (Motel). was great, that we are got there without any problems anywhere. Especially in the former countries the roads are sometimes narrow seeeehr, because a small car does so all right. In addition, the consumption was relatively low, has a positive effect on the environment and travel funds. to sleep but in a small car, of course not, and also in combination, it is more of a pure squeezing. So that we are also at the greatest disadvantage of this vehicle class for a trip like ours: If you do not dodge or into the tent will huddle together like sardines, remains invariably only a fixed rental accommodation. With the adventurous camping- and Vanlife feeling, that one has his home and all his possessions always there, has of course not much to do. For this reason, this option was for us from the beginning, not the issue. Another drawback for us was, that drivability of the vehicles was partly already so comfortable, that we felt almost too closed off from the road and the nature. You sit in NEM chair in front of the television and the landscape rushes past a – far from being close to nature. The then feels not even really like a road trip to.

the minibus

In New Zealand, we traveled 2010 for several months with a small Nissan Vanette across the country (please refer https://www.ganzrechtsunten.de). This rear had a hewn by a previous owner lying area and… well, nothing else. More space was not part. Only under the mattress support could store a few boxes, then came to this but only from outside off. We could sit on the bed with head tucked. But unlike the aforementioned vehicles we had in this van has a very good contact with the road and nature. This was partly because a, that you simply has a better all-round visibility in a van. The landscape around us seemed like a 360 Degree panorama and not only as a small photographic cutout. Secondly, as have older vehicles not so thick interior trim, it attracts the one point or another through the windows and bumps on the road are reflected in automatic steering movements, which must compensate for it. Of course, you then something by end of long trips, But at that time we had enough time and have simply expected us not very long distances. Traveling with our Kiwi Van has made us really fun, only the Rumräumen of things due to lack of space, and that you are not in Van, let alone could cook comfortably, was partly a bit annoying.

the camper

The other end of the line is a ca. 10m long camper on Ford F450 base (one of the smaller mobile homes in the US!!!), we have drawn three weeks with two very dear friends through California. That was from the comfort of her not to be compared with all the course, what we have otherwise becampt so: shower, water toilet, two rooms, great gas stove, Auxiliary heating and air conditioning, water heater, fridge… We felt very at home after a few days. You had not ever put away stuff, could store purchases to play without problems and without Tetris. Also, you really had a sense of security at night, which is not self-evident when camping, especially for Claudi. The disadvantages of such a large vehicle also are but obvious: lack of maneuverability when parking, first ever to find parking, high fuel consumption. All this can – It is nach dem, where you travel – also a problem. In the US, it was mostly ok, because here the roads and fuel prices to such vehicle sizes are designed – only once we could not visit a national park, because the mobile home was too long. but if you're traveling in Europe, the points mentioned can already be problematic. On the Amalfi Coast or in Scotland we would not be traveling with such a device. Even when it comes to ferries, Toll or insurance proceeds, is a mobile home not to mention the fuel costs a different number. We also did not find the mobile home really comfortable. But this was not just the size but also of course to the interior, was pretty cheap car rental in accordance.

predetermined decision

So after we spent with very different travel vehicles and campervans our holidays, we knew our big trip through Europe: normal car is too small, RV too large. Something should be between. The reasoning went from (slightly larger) Minibus up to the traditional vans. From the style factor we actually can then also have a VW bus in the head, but did not want to limit ourselves initially. Other minibuses and vans we were considering. Here then also played other questions such as durability, Repairability and spare parts situation (in the hinterland) in our deliberations a role. So we started, to check the used car market and to research the issues mentioned on the Internet.

After the first interesting offers from Masters, Sprinters, Nuggets, Partners, Traffics & Co. had looked on the net, then we realized very quickly but, that v.a. Jere there Style- and cult-factor was still important, when he had initially confessed. And Claudi played e.g.. Things depreciation and handling a big role. If we are honest with ourselves, had “the other” Vans, do not VWs, actually from the beginning bad cards. Jeres father drives for decades VW Bus – End of the 80 still T2, currently a T3. And so the vehicle affinity was already pre-embossed with him. Along with the good spare parts location and the relative stability of the VW Bus was very fast our favorite. T1: cool but priceless. T2: cultish but limited space inside. When VW T3 voted for us the relationship between cult, Style, dimension, Interior size, purchase price, Parts Location, Depreciation and driving behavior.

And so, a VW Bus T3 for us to coveted object and the goal of our vehicle search. How that ran, You can read in another article you soon.